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Sønsdag 16. april Kl. 19.00 Cornerteateret BILLETTER HER! (Se nyhetsbrev eller medlemsgruppe for promokode til rabatterte billetter til Proscens medlemmer!) Finn arrangementet på facebook HER!

71BODIES 1DANCE had its world premiere in 2018 during Octoberdans and has since been on tour both, nationally and internationally. This 2023, we delve into a new international touring cycle, but our first performance of the year will be in our hometown – Bergen.

Daniel Mariblanca started the production 71BODIES 1DANCE in align with his gender transition in 2016. The work in its entirety is a collaboration with artists; Ursula Kaufmann, Amanda Billberg and the late Mar C Llop. The choreographic work is inspired by 71 of the 150 transgender people met during the two years of research and production. From this very personal project the company 71BODIES was born and is the guiding light to a plethora of experiences and productions.

Join us.

Photos by Ursula Kaufmann


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